VoIP Phone products & services

TechnoV provides VoIP phone system for small to medium sized businesses, to boost their professionalism and functionalities for an incredibly low price.

With TechnoV system, managing a robust office telephone system has never been easier; you can easily build and tear down extensions, set up departments, manage call flows, and much more with just a few simple clicks on your mouse.

With our technology, comes astounding cost-savings for your business, integration capability that you never thought possible, and the flexibility to meet the needs of whatever industry that you're in.   A properly designed VoIP PBX Solution can outperform any traditional PBX system in clarity, audio quality and capabilities.

There are two method of providing VoIP solutions:

For each of our client's, we Conduct a business and system evaluation to determine which methodology suite their business.

TechnoV provide free evaluation and consultation to determine the best solution for your organization needs.